Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is around the corner, 27 days to be exact!   We got back from our trip on Saturday and have been on the go ever since.  Outdoor decorations are up, tree is decorated, and the house is cleaned.  We got a ton accomplished in a day in a half here.  However, we still have a long to-do list since I have my best friends flying in town on Friday for the weekend!!!  I can wait to see them!  Here's some pictures of what I got done since Saturday afternoon.  

 Gold Glittered small pears

 Gold Glittered homemade pears

 I had some extra fabric that I recovered an ottoman in and wanted a pillow to match - sewed it on  Saturday

 Boxwood wreaths on the backs of my dining room chairs

 Nutcrackers - I only have a few to display at this point


Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving and all the pies.  I was wrong there weren't 40 there were 22, sorry about that.  It was a little overwhelming trying to decide which ones I wanted to taste.      

 Lots to do this week.  The curtains come in and I'm finishing up the nursery.  I should have pictures of that by the beginning of next week.  Projects that I'm working on this week - sewing some pillows - decorating the sun room and trying to pick out some fun throw pillows for my friends living room.  

Have a great Monday!

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