Monday, October 31, 2011

Living room makeover

I have my first big project!!!!  A living room makeover for my mom!!  Yes, it's my mom but that's ok everyone has to start somewhere, right?  My lovely mother was kind enough to ask me for my help while she updates her living room.  The kicker - everything needs to be done by Christmas within a tight budget.   Since I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant I'm sure I'm going to be running around like a mad women trying to get this room done, finish the nursery for my little man, all while trying to save both of our pennies.

Since the majority of us don't have the money to run out and buy new pieces every time we want to update our house - we will use a lot of the existing pieces.  We will update the space with fresh paint, incorporate pops of color through fabrics, accessories, and more accessories.

Here's where my inspiration has started.  I love the light colors with color coming through on the accents that can change over time.  The living makeover won't look exactly like this but I LOVE the clean lines, comfy look, and relax feel that these rooms present.  We won't be going with light couches since my mom just bought some about two years ago.  Since they are leather - we are going to incorporate colors through accessories.   I'm in the process of picking fabrics right for accents chairs, pillows, and an ottoman.

 Traditional Home

 Traditional Home

Traditional Home

Here are some of the fabrics I'm obsessing over right now for this project:  I'm thinking throw pillows?  We will see what my mom falls in love with when I bring her samples.  

This week I am attempting to sew the curtains for the nursery - finalize the fabrics for my mom's living room, and find some great accessories to get this project started.   

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